Blogs that make me yearn for padded shorts

Blogs that make me yearn for padded shorts

life is like...

Following in their foot steps/tire treds?  Heck yes!  Knowing that I follow in the steps of those before helps me realize what is possible.  And not recreate the “tire” or have to completely write a packing list from scratch.  Some of my concerns are the same as those biker babes before me and have been hashed out to share.

Here I share some of the blogs that helped me realize my biking home goal is attainable, and continue to help me with my research.  And yours!

Family on Bikes

The first blog that made me giggle with glee!  Come on now, two parents, two kids, two tandems, two continents and three years.  What isn’t glee worthy?

This site is fun and well organized with lots of references, trip planning advise, and is the site that helped me realize that I too can find sponsors that want to help me bike home.

That Emily Chappel

This is a nice page, easy to access info, and this link in particular links to a set of interview questions she had answered by other solo female cyclists.

Solo Female Cycling Around the World

I found this page from the previous one.  She collects stories and celebrates the female bikers, especially solo lady bikers.

In these months when the planning starts to pick up pace, this site gives me another needed pat on the patted ass, si o si, yes or yes, I am biking home.  With a buddy or by myself!


Women, without padded shorts


This is a biker that is drinking craft beer, eating slow food and using slow transport -because 0f the beer and food?- visiting farms and breweries across the country.  Well, how about that for motivation!

A little hard to navigate this page.

Me Bob & Surly

This page has everything!  It is a well documented 2.5 year bike ride home from South America. “Half travelogue, half business blog, this site is a resource for anyone who wants to build a business that serves their ideal lifestyle.”

Ride For the Trees

A Paraguay Peace Corps volunteer!  He rides home to Arizona on a mission to raise money for buying forest in an endangered reserve.  He successfully raises $23,000, buying 20 acres of forest in a reserve and told his story as he went.

Of course there are more, many more in fact! of these delicious bike blogs but these are some that have helped me move forward in my plans or follow in a similar category of interest.  I’ll add others as I find them.

And if you have any others that you find and want to share, please do!

*****I forgot to mention this when I wrote this!!!******

A New wiki that is being created specifically for bikers doing the Pan American Tour.  They are trying to have a country by country profile, along with key things to visit, eat, enjoy and a casa de ciclistas, or houses that want a stinky visitor!


A lady with a plan. To Bike Latin America. To Document Agriculture. Live with intention and hope. Make change for the better. In everything, every day.


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