Lydia Caudill: Host of Pedal and Plow

Lydia is a giant food Geek: food sovereignty, food policy, growing food, and even eating it.

Lydia Claudil

She studied at the University of Washington where her big question was, how can we optimize the relationship between the urban eaters and the rural producers, each having needs and making decisions that affect the other?

She worked on a 5-acre organic farm outside of Seattle and then she spent two years working with Somali-Bantu and Burundi refugees on an incubator farm as they learned to maneuver their own farming background in a new climate and new culture.

Having a better understanding of the local and national food movements, she wanted to experience the international food system, and went to South America.   For two years, she was an Agriculture Extensionist in Paraguay, teaching at school gardens and installing bio-digesters (a plastic bag that the family fills with cow manure, producing gas to cook with and fertilizer to put in their fields and gardens), amongst other things

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Taylor Schrang: Media and Marketing Consultant Extraordinaire

Taylor and Lydia met while serving in Peace Corps, about 48 hours before Taylor SchrangTaylor finished her service and left the country, but was inspired by the trip and signed on the team. She specializes in brands and projects that shape the way people interact with themselves and their surroundings. Previously she worked in Major League Baseball Spanish , in two top ten markets. She was executive producer of the Spanish language broadcasts and worked to maximize the Latino outreach for both the Texas Ranger and Oakland A’s.

While in Peace Corps, she challenged the potential of funding projects by bringing Peace Corps to the 21stcentury and successfully introducing them to crowd funding, effectively changing how all camps and projects fundraise within the program.  She envisions a world where people can be successful in business while not having to compromise their role improving their society and their environment.    Also, if you are in Texas, look her up on her website. Taylor serves as US contact for PnP.

Cari Pick: Word Wizard


As a self-identified grammar geek and linguistics enthusiast, Cari gleefully turns red any document put in front of her, no matter how stellar it was to begin with. Lydia claims to appreciate the carnage, and let Cari sign on to the team after infecting Cari with her well-informed enthusiasm for food sovereignty and her passion for the mission of Pedal and Plow. Besides doing a bit of translating and original writing, Cari will be on hand (figuratively) for the wordsmithing and polishing of blog posts, articles, grant applications, and any other text that crops up here and there for the duration of the project, letting Lydia focus on content-creation and giving voice to the unheard.



Gabrielle Roesch-McNally: Ag Specialist


Gabrielle is currently a PhD student at Iowa State University in Rural Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture. Studying climate change, water quality and sustainable food production, she focuses on farmers and their willingness to adopt conservation practices in light of a shifting climate in order to build more long-term resilience. This large multi-state project can be found at their website

She will help Lydia make connections with farmers and organizations along the way, along with being a sound-board to discuss discoveries and make sure the questions asked are the best they can be.

Special Shout Outs to:

Julia Pretzlaff and Andrew Reagan- for helping teach me the basics of filming and editing.  Your patience could tame a wild jakare.

The Crowes- Lydia’s mom, Genie and  step-dad Fred.  They both have large ag backgrounds to question Lydia with, as well offer their amazing all around support

Melinda Levin- Film Guru/ Professor of Documentary Film from University of North Texas that has been consulting with Pedal and Plow.

 Aaron Schasse-  He designed the PnP logo. And we love it!

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